Announcing my first free zoom workshop on mindful writing for daring women.

Mindful writing is a ferry.
Announcing my first free zoom workshop on mindful writing for daring women.
Mindful personal writing is not for the faint hearted. It transports contents of your heart and soul into a space where they can be looked at and processed.
By finding words and creating  expressions for your feelings and thoughts you gain knowledge.
This is automatic,  it is an inherent feature of the act of writing.
Writing is epistemic. It produces knowledge.
You do not just represent what’s on your mind. In finding the words and phrases, in recklessly bringing it all out, you already process it.
Writing is epistemic. That’s why it is so brave to write what you feel, what you desire, what scares you, what enrages you, what makes you fall in love, what makes you fall out of love, what makes you feel proud,  what repels you, what encourages you, what puzzles you, what brings you joy, what brings you hope.
Because you risk seeing things in a new light, you risk raising your awareness, you risk getting to know yourself a little deeper.
Writing is a ferry, mindful writing is deeply personal and brave and daring.
It can transfer you into your space of growth, it can transfer to a space where you can truly thrive.
In a few days, I will announce my first free mindful writing workshop via zoom. It will be a one-time workshop for just a few daring women.
I am so emboldened by my recent experience in the Light House Community of @Christiannesquires that I feel ready for this next step of bringing my offerings to the virtual world.
Mindful personal writing is a daring endeavour, and if you feel you might like a trial run, dm me.
I will offer only 5 to 7 places, it will be a 60 to 90 minute zoom talk in english. I am reliably told my accent is agreeable… Hop on the ferry, if you please… #writing_workshop

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