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Our next kitchen table gathering will be next Monday,  1st of June, at 5pm Central European Summer Time, that’s 11am Eastern Standard Time in the US.
I found the Grimm’s Fairytale we will use as a template to talk things through.
I love talking about Fairytales, dismantling the layers of meaning in those stories, following the heroine on her journey and watching a sense of wonder and clarity unfold in our talks.
Sitting around the kitchen table talking about the lives and stories of people is a very old way of preparing the soul food we need for our own journey.
This time, I will read you a Fairytale that might inspire us to talk about feelings like grief and empathy.
The TALK THINGS TRUE events on zoom are facilitated by me, they are free, they are not recorded. I respect your voice and your silence. You can expect a lively and friendly and thoughtful atmosphere at this virtual kitchen table, spiced with a bit of humour and prone to the occasional epiphany.  The talk is about 60 to 90 minutes long.

I would ask you to register via the button here on this website for the zoom link, thus allowing me to send you the occasional email with news about my future offerings. If You are registered, you will hear about my next project a few days before it is made public, thus allowing you to book a space for yourself early on.

An invitation to TALK THINGS TRUE

It’s an invitation to TALK THINGS TRUE! Let’s zoom about transitions and serene endurance,  using a Grimm’s Fairytale or two as a template.
I’d like to kick off a series of kitchen table talks under the headline: TALK THINGS TRUE . Talks will be on

Mondays, 5 pm in Hamburg, Germany, that’s 11am Eastern Standard Time in the US.
I will read a Grimm’s Fairytale to you and we will use this as a template, talking things true about the transition as a valid and valuable phase in the journey.
Waiting, enduring, a seemingly passive state, is part of many a heroic quest.
But how to manage the transition into that state and out on the other side? – We’ll look at stories and our lives to talk things true…
Talking things through is what women have always done in interesting times… let’s sit around our virtual kitchen table and talk some truth.

You can expect a lively, erudite, direct and heartwarming talk, much respect for your voice and your silence, a bit of humour on the way, and you may leave equipped with a bit of nourishment for your soul’s journey through these times.
This zoom event is free, it’s live, it’s in English (with an accent), it’s on zoom, it’s on mondays at 5pm in Hamburg, that’s 11am on the East Coast of the US. It will be 60 to 90 minutes.
Want to join in? Sign in, using the form on this website, and I’ll send you a zoom link for the talk.
I love these kinds of talks, lead them irl many times, and I am looking forward very much to TALKING THINGS TRUE with you!