Mindful Personal Writing: Small Group and 1-2-1- Courses coming soon.

„Check in with yourself and keep the promise to show up for you!“
Get into the habit of mindful personal writing for your resilience and wellbeing.
It’s an invitation.
As soon as I get the scheduler on my website working, you are invited to: ●1: book yourself into the one-hour free zoom talk on mindful writing for small groups, to get to know the work and me, get the starter kit and start the habit, for your resilience and wellbeing. ●2: book yourself into a small group of 4 or 5 mindful writers, to meet for three sessions of mindfully weaving the writing habit into your lives, creating awareness and reaping the fruit of checking in with yourself regularly, amiably and reliably. ●3: book yourself into three 1-2-1 sessions to deeply and individually explore how mindful personal writing can enhance your presence, awareness and resilience in your personal and professional life. There’s writing for gaining clarity,  solving conflicts, inviting monsters to tea,  letting go and cherishing, and so much more.
Reasonable prices, always one spot pro bono, on my website soon, link in bio.
I am so much looking forward to seeing you!
It’s an invitation.

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  1. drphilcf

    Thank You, dear! It’s the scheduler, I’d like to make booking very easy and transparent for all. And I am looking forward to this, too!

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