Mindful Writing workshop: Create your ‘room of one’s own’.

Write for your eyes only and create your ‘room of one’s own’!

Announcing a two-hour workshop on the basics of Mindful Personal Writing.
June 19th, 5-7pm European Summer Time, 11am – 1 pm Eastern Standard Time
Write for your eyes only and create your ‘room of one’s own’:
We will be meeting on zoom, and you will learn the basic techniques of what I call Mindful Personal Writing.

In detail, you will: 

● Unlearn a few things (and maybe a few feelings) you learned about writing at school;
● Free your writing from learned constraints so it will be useful FOR YOU,
● Experience and exercise tested and powerful mindful writing techniques,
● Learn ways to implement mindful personal writing into your daily rituals.

All of this will help you to create a room of your own, as Virginia Woolf so famously called women to do. 

Space on this workshop will be limited to 12 women.

Free space: There will be two free spaces. 
40 € for one regular space, 
60€  for one sponsoring space, if you would like to join the workshop AND sponsor one half of a free space. 

To claim your space, contact me via this website, stating which kind of space you would like to apply for, and I will react accordingly by sending you an acceptance mail with details. 

A word about me:
I am Dr Claudia Elisabeth Fuchs.
I have been creating and facilitating writing workshops for a very long time, working with children, teenagers, adults, women’s groups, aged people, refugees, women in cancer rehab, medical personnel, teachers, students and many others. 
Being able to read and write saved my life as a child, and later on in my life I did academic work on language and writing acquisition and on the development of storytelling faculties in children. I worked in teacher taining for Primary School Teachers and in Quality Development for Schools, school administrations and educational institutions for the handicapped. I also spent many years working and conceptualising creative resilience work for patients in an cancer rehab clinic. 
I am a passionate writer as well as a passionate teacher and talker, as some of you know who joined our kitchen table talks. 

I am so looking forward to seeing you on this first zoom workshop on Mindful Personal Writing! 

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