writing for resilience

What is the challenge, really, for people who serve people with therapy, coaching, counselling, healing, teaching, advising, caring…? – It’s how to deal with yourself, before and during and after the work is done.  How to keep up with your own wellbeing, your mental health, your self care.
How to serve yourself, and in a good and lasting and effective way. How to take care of your own precious ressources.
I know this because I have served women in cancer rehab, refugees, children,  young adults, old people with creative writing and creative resilience work, and also teachers and schools with quality / organisational development.
I am now offering mindful personal writing  courses to people who serve people.
Because mindful personal writing is an invaluable personal ressource.  It is effective against stress and overwhelm, it helps prevent burnout, it keeps the creative juices flowing, it’s fun and joy and it can keep you going. It’s your bread for the journey,  really.
Once you’ve let me help you establish some writing habits that serve you well, you can do it yourself. This is why my group courses and 1-2-1 settings are short: 2 or 3 sessions, each an hour long, are usually enough to get you on your way.
Establish a personal writing practice that serves your needs, brings you joy and helps you keep on serving others.
I know the way.
Contact me, dm me and let’s find out if we can work together,  in a free zoom call.
Use the power of writing to keep your soul well nourished while you serve others.

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